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I absolutely love Rosy Derma Clinic and their instagram page. The owner is super polite and knows her stuff, she’s the best:) I also love the aesthetics of the clinic and how they always keep us updated with their posts on their Instagram. Thank you so much, will definitely come again!


This is my first time having an Oxygeneo facial and I am already loving the results. The crow feet lines beside my eyes are visibly reduced immediately. After a day my skin was smoother.
Rosy is very professional, and uses only high quality instruments and products. And she is also a Nurse which is a huge plus.
I definitely will recommend her services to anyone wanting a facial or any other skin care services.
I will definitely be going back to use her services again.

Lorraine Francisco

So easy to book and such a cool experience. She took the time to explain everything and treatments are very effective. Rosie even gave me a free complimentary gold facial mask at the end which was amazing. Thank you Rosie:)

Marwa Naz

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